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So Many Coyote…So Little Time

By all accounts, this region of Ontario has to hold one of the largest coyote populations in all of Ontario. In fact, in a telephone conversation I had with the OFAH last year, it was said to me that southwestern Ontario and in particular, the Essex/Chatham-Kent counties, is the last true stronghold of the original coyote strain. That means, true coyotes.

Elsewhere in the province the coyote blood has been watered down and mixed with domestic dog and other canine breeds. I have to say that through experience, our coyotes are every bit as shy, elusive and cunning as their western counterparts. They’re reluctant to come to a call, not impossible mind you, just reluctant and they give you fleeting glimpses at best most times while driving them.

There are those hunters out there, pretty much a breed unto themselves, that live this predator hunting 24/7 and are very successful at it. You’re looking at 3 of them in the intro pic above. It would seem that every waking hour at this time of year is either spent scouting or pursuing coyotes in the field. This is probably why they are so good. An intimate knowledge of habitat, location and pattern makes for a successful hunt no matter what animal you’re after.

Pictured above and below from left to right: Steve Branch, Dennis Bailey, Donald Boose. The firearms of choice in this hunt are: Ruger Mini 14 in .223; Remington in .17 centerfire; Armalite 180 in .223. In this region, given the rural development we have, the .17 centerfire to .223 are the most popular calibers used to hunt coyotes.  We spent most of a few days up there hunting with just a couple of hammocks, the packs on our backs, and some positive attitudes.  For more information on camping hammocks, please visit our sponsor for all kinds of great tips and content.

On this day, the boys ran the coyotes through 4 blocks of property over 4 hours time taking them over 2 concessions. An excellent shot by Donald Boose with his .223 Armalite dropped one coyote in it’s tracks. Steve and Donald ganged up on the remaining ‘yote’ to take him over a 400 yard stretch of propety including ditch and bushlot with Donald taking him out. The ‘yotes’ ran an average of 35 lbs.