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Precision Custom Calls

Duck and Goose Call Options

When it comes to precision duck calls, custom calls and everything that falls in between, the only thing that matters is what brings in the bacon or feathers rather. Animals are much like people in that they belong to the same family in animal kingdom the same as we do. In that since it is only rational that one duck call does not fit every occasion and environment. Because, there just might be just as many different personalities of duck as there are of people. There are different qualities to be considered for different occasions.

One factor to consider when picking out a good duck call is the pitch and tone that it carries when in use. To sound like a duck, you have to think like one. And that means taking into account what type of environment that you are in. For wide open spaces, you need to make sure to be more loud and proud but not overbearing or suspicious. When it comes to the bayous and wetlands, ducks already know that those places are somewhat more dangerous generally speaking, so in those locations you might use a more nuanced and subtle sound for size.

Other things to keep in mind are just the basics in the construction of the bird call itself. There are single reed and double reed options. Another thing to consider is the material in which the caller is made. There are basically three choices. These are wood, acrylic and poly-carbonate. If you want to go for something mellow, stick with wood. For the more open areas, go with acrylic. And the poly-carbonates are versatile enough to go anywhere and do a good job. It kind of goes without saying but if you have little no experience in calling ducks it does not matter which one you buy. If that is the case, having a mentor explain the ins and outs is the best place to start. That is of course after you do have a caller to learn on.

You have a couple of various choices to pick from in order to tailor your next call. Here are your alternatives:


Select from all wood, all acrylic, or a mix of both.


We deal with several wood types. Some woods can not be utilized on the insert, however all woods can be utilized for the barrel.

Place Woods Available: African Blackwood, Black Ebony, Bocote, Cocobolo, Ironwood, Maple, Mohagany, Olive, Pink Ebony, Purpleheart, Redheart, Rosewood, Zebrawood

Barrel Woods Available: African Blackwood, Birch Burl, Black Ebony, Bocote, Cocobolo, Ironwood, Laminated, Maple, Mohagany, Olive, Orange, Pink Ebony, Purpleheart, Redheart, Redwood Burl, Rosewood, Tamarind, Walnut, Zebrawood


For any acrylic part, you can select a color. This can be a strong color or a color with a pearl impact. Have a look at the image listed below to see all the alternatives

Colors Avialable: Black, Black & Gold Pearl, Black Cherry Pearl, Black Pearl, Blue, Blue Pearl, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Navy Gray, Dark Tan, Dark White, Dark Yellow, Golden Oak Pearl, Green, Green Pearl, Ivory, KC Red, Light Navy Gray, Orange, Orange Pearl, Red, Red Pearl, Teal Pearl, Violet, White, White Pearl, Yellow


You can select exactly what product and complete you would like for the band, or no band at all!

Band Styles: Black Metallic, Brass, Chrome, Silver, Stainless-steel

Band Textures: Brushed, No Texture, Textured


Select from a single or double reed setup. Some calls are currently made with a particular reed, so you will not have the ability to choose a various one on those call. You can go through the duck call design page for a complete description of each duck call design and the reed that is currently chosen for that specific call.

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