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Bow Hunting: Choosing Your First Rig

Whether you are a novice or experienced hunter there are many different options when considering how to rig a bow and arrow for hunting, but most hunters can agree on a few key factors to consider when choosing your rig: accuracy, speed, forgiveness, and stealth. With hundreds of brands and thousands of rig combinations, it […]


Put & Take Pheasants

Southwestern Ontario, specifically Essex County, hasn’t had a wild pheasant population to talk about for at least 30 years and many hunters would argue that figure should be much higher. With urban sprawl and rural agricultural land being turned into residential neighbourhoods at an astonishing rate, something had to give and naturally, or unnaturally as […]



Waterfowl hunting can be a tough game. It takes it’s toll on hunter, calls, apparel and decoys. If you want the best results possible, you have to use the best products available. Sure, we all have our loyalties and that’s how it should be, but if you’re using something that just doesn’t quite finish the […]